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Rumination can easily determinate you day. It can exacerbate your stress levels and make you react to emotional stress.
Thinking that you are not good, or that you can not handle with what you must do. Brings you to your lack of confidence.
The repetition and the feeling of inadequacy raise anxiety and anxiety interferes with solving problem.

Rumination at work

It might prevent you from solving the problem or from moving on if you do not have a solution now. Before taking your decision, you must unhook problems from each other to see if you have the good answer to solve the problem.  If you don’t have the solution know:  try to find the answer with other people around you or you can take time to resolve it.
But sometimes we think it is our fault that we don’t have the capacity to resolve, so we think about us. We think it is our fault. Our pression is high, our emotion toward us are bad and we begin to stress. Emotion like: I feel sad about me :  makes your doubt about you or, I am not able to resolve this problem I don’t have the capacity for it. Maybe you don’t have the capacity, but for others problems you may have the capacity.  So, the best way is to go and talk to someone else about this problem. Or you can wait ans afront the problem aftre when your mind and body are calm.
Before everything you must stop, have a breath, or go for a walk outside your office. Your emotion or you body is telling you something and your rumination tells you also something (I need to stop thinking about it and make face to the problem that is in front of me).
You must stop and breathe, make some conscious breathing. You allow yourself to take a break for rumination by actively redirecting your thoughts in choosing news thoughts.
The benefits of a conscious breathing :
calm down your emotional stress – you connect to your body – you can have a different control and perspective of the problem – you can take time for yourself and calm down your body (heart pressure, low sugar pression….).
Listen to your emotion, listen to your body (if you feel anxiety coming in you: stop and breathe), listen to your capacity (you mave others that can resolve others problems).